Mission Statement�

To continue our role as a worldwide leader of

remote sensing products and services.

Founded in 1978, User Systems ranks among the nation's leaders in the development of airborne and space-based remote sensor design, and the processing and analysis of data produced by these sensors for various applications. USI�s particular focus is the development of algorithms and signal processing systems for airborne and space-based radar and communication applications. Special emphasis is placed on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) with thirty years of direct experience providing radar design support, and signal processing systems and software. USI has extensive and unique experience in SAR image formation processing raw data for various airborne (JPL AIRSAR, NAWC P3, ERIM DCS, SRI FOPEN series, Essex MB SAR, Sky Research SkySAR) and space-based (SIR-C, RADARSAT-1/2, ERS-1/-2, PALSAR) platforms covering a range of frequencies (VHF, UHF, P-, L-, S-, C-, and X-bands) and polarizations.Much of the data processing is performed with USI�s ProSAR� Pipes software package. Beyond the prerequisite image formation, USI capabilities extend over a broad range of SAR applications including interferometric SAR (InSAR), coherent change detection (CCD), ground moving target indication (GMTI), polarimetric target detection, and precision geolocation.


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